Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Donde estas?

Where are you baby?
Yes I am looking for my hubby....
Actually when I woke up I've got a lot of bbms from him (updates of what is he doing while I'm on dreamland) and even warned me that in case he can't answer right away when i wake up that means he might be busy still with the unloading of ship's cargo....:(
I bbm-ed him already but I guess he is right for warning me cause he is kind of unreachable at the moment.....can't answer me now...
(Side story) For those who don't know Alan (hubby) just joined in his new ship last week and this time as a full pledged ship's official...It may not be our original plan ( we planned to go back to our previous ship so that we can work together but due to some problem in fixing his license we decided not to) but I guess we have to accept it wholeheartedly even if it's difficult for me to stay here and be a bum.
Well, as they say...everything happens for a reason....because of this I might be visiting Mexico sooner and can make our marriage on board valid soonest! Mother in law even requested if I can go there earlier  even if Alan is still on board (as a sub? :P) so we are considering that too.
Hmmm sabi nga nila " We cannot direct the wind...but we can adjust sails.." so I'm good in that! :D

But wait where is Alan na nga ba?

All I know is he is on board this ship...
Mazatlan Star

 maybe lying in his bed?

his cabin
I know I need a lot of patience but I just have to think this way..."Knowing that he will be with me in all my tomorrows really makes my today so wonderful."

For now I'll just wait until he answer.

PS. I just hope he'll not be ashamed me blogging him here! LOL


  1. I saw you join my followers an na curious ako of course na malaman kung sino ka. I am so happy na our path crosses. Something in common? yes! bOth of us are married to a seamann and a man from a different culture. Very exiting di ba. And our famous adobo, kahit san tayo di natin makalimutan. my husband loves adobo. We keep in touch:)your love story seems so interesting. hi hi

  2. Hi po!! I find your blog interesting that's why I foollowed you though I'm still in the process of back reading, medyo mahaba mahaba to cope up with your kwentos :)
    Im happy to know that we have something common...I have somebody here to look up too! :) will surely keep in touch with you...Take care :)


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